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Happy Birthday Mom! ~ thank you for teaching me about music and filling my life with song.  You are my most favorite Pianist, French hornist and ukulele player!


Happy Birthday  Daddy! ~ thanks for teaching me the ways of the Lord.... even though I have fallen often He and you have always been there to pick me back up.  I adore you. 

I have not been able to post for a while.  Little Empress Willow has an ear infection ~ bless her wee little heart and my back is still hurt from the fall ~ bless my wee heart.  But I just wanted to post a short entry.  Many, many, many of you have asked about the music on my blog.  Many, many, many have asked why I don't put my music on my blog!  I have listened to David Nevue's for years.  He is a Christian pianist with a beautiful, passionate style.  My mother is a pianist so I have a fondness for the keys.  His music is the way my life feels.  I love... love his music.  It makes you feel warm, mellow and safe.  It makes you want to cry and dance all at the same time.  The spirit moves me when I hear him play...  Now, even though people may say my music moves them to tears (hopefully not tears of pain :)  My music does not sound like my life.  (Yehhhs, I am a contradiction.)   It is not soft, but soulful and smokey..... like my cooking. lol  I will try and make a link to some of my music but I think I will keep David Nevue on my blog. :) for now.  I never listen to the radio (if you did it for a living you wouldn't either) so don't really know what is out there.  I enjoy instrumental music   

like Sleepless Nights... there are several of these CD's available.  I prefer the piano and acoustic arrangements.... very worshipful and comforting.

et me pay too dada  ~ I love when Mountain Man plays for his little girls.... sigh. 


eehhhh , I've heard better  :0)

Meusic tips ~ she's a genius...

practicing variations

violinist who wants to play the piano...

Piper the pipest

Mountain Man's grandfather and uncle.... love their attire ~ the above antique Gibson Steel guitar adorns the wall of my home as well as his grandfather's Mandolin and a fox hide.... (Mountain Man is half Native American)

 on the piano

uhhh.... wrong bow or wrong violin...

Jenna playing.... huh??? silly

All right...

  I know this has nothing to do with music but, I just love Mountain Man from the back.  Especially when he's holding two of our babies.

May the grace of our Lord been upon you through this weekend!