Winter tide
Sqiggly Twigs dress

Reign on me...

During this first blush before the sun has even peeped above the mountains dispiritedness has dented itself  into my morning.  I look at all that needs to be done, the whip of discouragement  shows up. 

      I need to make that schedule for my daughter.

                            I keep forgetting to send off that CD...those thank~you notes, that handwritten letter.

I really need to finish that chapter I have been putting off for that past century.

                                                                                   I forgot to make Mountain Man lunch...

                 It is snowing and icy so there goes Language therapy again 

That fossilized orange cat we rescued from under a snow pile last year  just yuk yuk'd on my old hardwood floors again adding to my disillusionment.

 I sit sipping the warm brew, looking at the mess in the back room, Pookies junk  creativity strewn, dishes already piled in the sink ( where do they come from overnight?), undone sewing, laundry, homeschool lessons yet to be planned ( are we behind again?)

And then it happens.

                  A drop of fresh, renewing , life quenching water reigns down on me filling my spirit,  allowing me the consideration of  It's ok.   It is OK.  Everyone slips and slides abit ~ or alot as is my case.  Mary knew what was important. 

So, I sit and pray, get up, open the door, take in the brisk air then up and begin ~ letting His grace, His staggering , breathtaking , never-ending grace reign on and in me.