Sqiggly Twigs dress
Oh Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me.....

When HE Moves...

"Rules for Self Discovery:

 1. What we want most;

  2. What we think about most;

  3. How we use our money;

 4. What we do with our leisure time;

  5. The company we enjoy;

  6. Who and what we admire;

  7. What we laugh at."   

 ~ Tozer ~
A life in the Lord is an amazing journey of learning and spiritual discovery. Days are filled with joy and laughter as well as lost tempers and aggravation.
It is my hope to grow daily in Him ~ to receive Him fully, wholly (holy) ~  for Him to fill every aspect of my life entirely when He moves me.
The past couple of years for us have indeed been a trial.  But woven within the hard times has been deep soul blessings.  We have met people we may have otherwise never met.  Not the ones we envisioned would ever be the hearty hopegivers to others.  Not the on fire church goers nor the raise your hands hallelujah in the pews people but the simplest of God's human creations.  These salt of the earth folks, over-flowingly full of kindness and grace, who forget their own sufferings through helping others,  have embraced and astounded us in  imaginable ways.    
Well, we are completely moved  in body and possession but working on the emotional adjustment of  new surroundings as we continue to look for property.   The littles are thriving with their go with the flow attitudes and we are still in the mountains, thankfully by the grace of God, but in a completely different area.  The Lord is ever good. 
Lat month gifted us with a wonderful visit with family and friends.  It also unwelcomed the loss of my lovely friend  Dana who lost her fight with cancer but won the battle.  This dedicated mother and believer in Christ is now in our heavenly home with our Lord.    She was the loving mother of five sons, a homesteader, believer, true southern gal, and devoted wife full of life, laughter and joy.  Goodness , she was a beautiful person.   
It is hard not to question "Why her and not some criminal?",  but we live in a world of sin, disease, illness and poverty and sometimes there is no answer other than this   We can, however have the assurance if we have God's only son as our personal Savior.  He paid the price and took on all of this to bridge the gap and make a way to God so we can have eternal life with Him.  I have the promise of seeing my sweet friend in heaven and will surely miss her sweet voice and presence here.
I know many of you have seen these shots on facebook,  just thought I'd share them here ~ 
Missing her big brother
All the littles miss him
and.... I have no idea what they are doing or looking at...
hmmm. she's up to something....
Ah, I see
better run now
A flower will make it up to him. ;)
We had such a lovely time visiting... too short
Pookie having a serious discussion with Brandon.
Isn't this the prettiest cactus?  Anyone have an idea of what it is called?  I'd love one.
enjoying family
time for a shot with the littles before it gets too dark~" Jack, get them to sit still and tell Pookie to stop playing with  shoe"
"Jack, tell Pip to put Pookie's shoe back on"
"No... no.. don't throw it!  Put it back on her foot"  ( I love the look on Jack's face at this moment)
And this is what happens when they mess with big brother .  Oh well, I tried.
And lastly, my precious friend Dana whom I and so many others will sorely miss. 
In Him,  Patricia